Manufacturing & Exporting LENSMAM Cosmetic Contact Lens

corporate message

Thank you for visiting our website.
We are the first generation to export Korean Color contact lens to Worldwide market.

First of all, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to our customers who have always shown great loyalty and interest in Lensmam.Co., Ltd.

At Lensmam.Co., Ltd offering our eye care practitioner partners and their patients the most advanced contact lenses possible means utilizing the best manufacturing technology and expertise the world has to offer.

In this year, Lensmam will continue in its endeavor to become a leading global company through new technology and new products.

At Lensmam facilities, our advanced manufacturing and distribution systems deliver both a consistently high level of performance to lens wearers, and the capacity and flexibility necessary to meet virtually any production volume the market demands.

We promise to continue providing the highest standards in customer satisfaction.

Jean Yeal (Kevin) Park
C.E.O of Lensmam